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About Nath

It's All About the Vision

Nathaniël Siri is first and foremost a Communicator. He has been directing and producing films and video projects for over two decades. From his award winning films traveling the world through festivals (Willie in the Sky, Reshaping Beauty, Exode, Breaking Cody, Dans le Passage) to corporate productions (commercials, promotional materials) and more artistic projects (music videos, videochoreographies), his work received recognition internationally. Nathaniël worked in diverse cinematic genres, known for bringing impactful storytelling, evoking facets of his experience as a hyper sensitive soul, a member of the queer community and as an immigrant to the United States.

Creative and a multi-disciplinary Québécois-Canadian artist from the Communication field, with a background in immersive and performing arts, Nathaniël artistically collaborates with artists and artisans of various mediums (dance, circus, music, photography, visual arts, video). He teaches and coaches fellow filmmakers, actors and people interested in his knowledge in Communication. Equipped with his creative abilities to innovate and be expressive, he originated the role of Ze Cameraman on Cirque du Soleil’s IRIS, created for the stage of the Academy Awards.

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