On Set - "Willie in the Sky"
On Set - "Willie in the Sky"

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Cameraman at 13 (Photo by Blandine Philippe)

Performer/Videographer (2007)

On Set - "Willie in the Sky"
On Set - "Willie in the Sky"


About Nath

It's All About the Vision

Nathaniël has been directing and producing Films, Videos and TV projects for over 28 years. From his films which traveled the world through film festivals (Willie in the Sky, Exode, Dans le Passage…) to more artistic projects (Music Videos, Video-choreographic Installations), he worked on numerous types of productions, know for bringing impactful visual propositions and an organic flow of work with the individuals and elements he collaborates with. 

Director, Creative Producer and multi-disciplinary Artist originally from Montréal, Nathaniël develops cinematographic and videographic projects, produces life entertainment projects, works as a voice artist and linguist in French, is involved in education as teacher with fellow actors and filmmakers, and as producer for Online Schools and eLearning.